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Mailing address for the Gainesville Office:

Sea Turtle Conservancy
4581 NW 6th St, Suite A

Gainesville, FL 32609

Contact information for the Gainesville Office:

Phone: 352-373-6441
Fax: 352-375-2449
Email: stc@conserveturtles.org

**No Solicitation Policy: Due to an influx of sales and marketing calls and emails, Sea Turtle Conservancy has implemented a No Solicitation Policy to avoid disruption of business operations and disturbance of staff. For purposes of the No Solicitation Policy, “Solicitation” shall include soliciting or seeking to obtain membership in or support for any outside organization, requesting contributions, peddling or otherwise selling or offering goods and services for sale or purchase, distributing advertising materials, or engaging in any other conduct relating to outside business interests or for profit or personal economic benefit. Solicitation performed through verbal, written, or electronic means, are covered by the No Solicitation Policy. We appreciate your cooperation.**

United States Based Staff
David Godfrey, Executive Director
Email: david@conserveturtles.org
David oversees all aspect of the organization’s programmatic, organizational and financial activities, and he is the point contact for inquiries from the media and potential donors and corporate partners. David has particular expertise in the areas of coastal management policy, threats to sea turtles, international sea turtle trade, oil spill response and the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge.
Dr. Roldán Valverde, Scientific Director
Email: roldan@conserveturtles.org
Roldán is responsible for overseeing the scientific components of the Tortuguero and Chiriquí Beach research and monitoring projects.
Marydele Donnelly, Director of International Policy
Email: marydele@conserveturtles.org
Marydele focuses on reducing the accidental capture of sea turtles in domestic and international fisheries. Based just outside Washington, D.C., she advocates for policies to safeguard sea turtles in U.S. waters and beyond.
Gary Appelson, Policy Coordinator
Email: gary@conserveturtles.org
Gary is responsible for monitoring Florida laws and regulations impacting sea turtles and the habitats they rely on, coastal management and development policies, and the coastal environment.
Dr. Daniel R. Evans, Senior Research Biologist and Sea Turtle Grants Program Administrator
Email: drevans@conserveturtles.org
Dan is responsible for STC’s educational activities, public presentations, organizing volunteers to help with STC’s sea turtle monitoring research programs and is the principal investigator on STC’s sea turtle tracking research program. Dan is also the administrator of the Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program.
Pat McCloskey, Controller
Email: pat@conserveturtles.org
Pat is responsible for the budgeting and financial reports of STC. She is also the personnel administrator and the co-administrator of the Sea Turtle License Plate Grants Program.
Kim Aslan, Office Manager
Email: kim@conserveturtles.org
Kim is responsible for making sure STC’s main office runs smoothly and efficiently by routing correspondence, collecting information, maintaining office supplies and coordinating staff schedules and travel. She is also responsible for selecting merchandise and managing STC’s online store.
Lexie Beach, Communications Coordinator
Email: lexie@conserveturtles.org
Lexie is responsible for managing STC’s social media outreach and cause-related marketing activities. She oversees production of organizational publications, including STC’s monthly E-newsletter and our quarterly membership newsletter, The Velador. Lexie also oversees marketing activities on behalf of Florida’s “Helping Sea Turtles Survive” specialty license plate.
Rick Herren, Biologist and Project Manager
Email: rick@conserveturtles.org
Rick directs STC’s In-water Research Program and the Florida Predation Management Project. His background includes nesting biology, sea turtle friendly lighting, impact minimization, demographics, spatial analysis, population models, foraging ecology and the use of satellite tracking devices.
Rachel Tighe, Lighting Project Manager
Email: rachel@conserveturtles.org
Rachel is a certified Lighting Specialist I through National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors. She manages STC’s project to mitigate beachfront lighting issues in Florida. Rachel is involved in all aspects of the lighting project including data collection, lighting design, contract management, code enforcement workshops, dune plantings, and interfacing with lighting professionals.
Stacey Gallagher, Development Coordinator and Lighting Project Specialist
Email (preferred method of communication while working from home): stacey@conserveturtles.org
Stacey works with STC’s Executive Director on program fundraising, is involved with STC’s project to mitigate beachfront lighting issues in Florida, and manages STC’s program to reduce plastic waste in Florida’s coastal restaurants.
Cypres Ferran, Lighting Project Specialist
Email (preferred method of communication while working from home): cypres@conserveturtles.org
Cypres is involved in STC’s project to mitigate beachfront lighting issues in Florida. She is responsible for organizing and analyzing incoming nesting data from the state in ArcGIS.
Emily Asp, Lighting Project Specialist
Email: emily@conserveturtles.org
Emily is involved in STC’s project to mitigate beachfront lighting issues in Florida. She is responsible for coordinating Lighting Code Enforcement Workshops throughout the state of Florida.
Ashley Wilson, Lighting Project Specialist
Email: ashley@conserveturtles.org
Ashley is involved in STC’s project to mitigate beachfront lighting issues in Florida. She coordinates the traveling lighting displays designed to educate the public about sea turtle friendly lighting.
Sarah Rhodes-Ondi, Barrier Island Ecosystem Center Community Stewardship Coordinator
Email: sarah@conserveturtles.org
Sarah is responsible for STC’s educational, community outreach, and volunteer activities at the Barrier Island Ecosystem Center in southern Brevard County, Fla.
Erin Darling, Senior Accountant
Email: erin@conserveturtles.org
Erin assists the Controller with budgeting and financial reports. She also administers the financial reports for the beachfront lighting grants and assists with the Sea Turtle License Plate Grants Program reports.
Evan Cooper, Membership Coordinator
Email: evan@conserveturtles.org
Evan is responsible for STC’s Membership activities, including managing our database and adopt-a-turtle program. He is also responsible for general member correspondence, including special appeals and renewal requests.


Costa Rica Based Staff
Roxana Silman, Costa Rica Director
Email: roxana@conserveturtles.org
Roxana supervises administration for San José office, Tortuguero operations and Chiriquí project. Coordinates national policies and collaborative actions with government agencies, NGOs and tourism businesses.
Maria Laura Castro, San José Office Assistant
Email: maria@conserveturtles.org
Maria Laura is responsible for the efficient running of STC’s regional office in San Jose, providing vital logistical support to the Costa Rica and Panama field programs. She helps with all administrative tasks, purchases supplies and materials, coordinates deliveries and processes documentation for volunteers that is required by the Ministry of Environment and Energy in Costa Rica.
Jaime Restrepo, Tortuguero Field Coordinator & Coordinator of Special Projects
Email: jaime@conserveturtles.org
Jaime is responsible for overseeing the leatherback and green sea turtle field seasons in Tortuguero. Also coordinates the Research Assistants and Eco-Volunteers
Visitor Center Coordinator
Email: vc.coordinator@conserveturtles.org
Responsible for overseeing STC’s Tortuguero Museum and Visitor Center.
John H. Phipps Biological Field Station Manager
Email: manager@conserveturtles.org
Rresponsible for coordinating logistics for research programs and visitors. Also, oversees all aspects of the staff activities in Tortuguero to maintain the running of the station.


Panama Based Staff
Cristina Ordoñez, Panama Research Coordinator
Email: cristinao@conserveturtles.org
Raúl Garcí a Varela, Panama Assistant Research Coordinator
Email: raul@conserveturtles.org
Raúl is responsible for helping coordinate the field programs in Panama.
Xavier Ow Young, Panama Assistant Research Coordinator
Email: xavier@conserveturtles.org
Xavier is responsible for helping coordinate the field programs in Panama.